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Cameron Boyce

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T20L (last)Melbourne Rs
BowlingSpin Bowler
BattingRighthand Batsman

Match History Chart

Combined Batting and Bowling Innings Ratings Last 3 Years

Recent Innings

DateBat RtgBowl RtgTypeTeamAgainstResult
2019-02-17--139BBLMelbourne RsMelbourne SsWon
2019-02-15-8-40BBLMelbourne RsSydney SsWon
2019-02-07-4640BBLMelbourne RsHobart HsLost
2019-01-30274202BBLMelbourne RsSydney TrWon
2019-01-2868249BBLMelbourne RsPerth SsWon
2019-01-22-718BBLMelbourne RsSydney TrWon
2019-01-19-62-109BBLMelbourne RsMelbourne SsLost
2019-01-16-76BBLMelbourne RsSydney SsWon
2019-01-13-290BBLMelbourne RsBrisbane HLost
2019-01-10-38BBLMelbourne RsBrisbane HWon
2019-01-07--52BBLMelbourne RsHobart HsWon
2019-01-03-4657BBLMelbourne RsAdelaide StsLost
2019-01-0124-23BBLMelbourne RsMelbourne SsLost
2018-12-29-25726BPLMelbourne RsSydney SsLost
2018-12-23--107BPLMelbourne RsAdelaide StsWon
2018-12-20-93BPLMelbourne RsPerth SsWon
2018-01-27--101BBLHobart HsMelbourne SsLost
2018-01-20--288BBLHobart HsPerth SsLost
2018-01-17--54BBLHobart HsAdelaide StsLost
2018-01-15-48BBLHobart HsBrisbane HWon
2018-01-10-3BBLHobart HsBrisbane HWon
2018-01-08-58BBLHobart HsSydney SsWon
2018-01-04--151BBLHobart HsAdelaide StsWon
2018-01-01-73BBLHobart HsSydney TrWon
2017-12-30-15-3BBLHobart HsSydney TrLost
2017-12-2162-65BBLHobart HsMelbourne RsLost
2017-01-21--41BBLHobart HsPerth SsLost
2017-01-12-4912BBLHobart HsMelbourne RsWon
2017-01-08-4572BBLHobart HsSydney TrLost
2017-01-0667-66BBLHobart HsAdelaide StsLost
2017-01-02--16BBLHobart HsAdelaide StsWon
2016-12-3080-9BBLHobart HsBrisbane HLost
2016-12-26--168BBLHobart HsMelbourne SsLost
2016-12-23-151BBLHobart HsSydney SsWon
2016-01-13-9-415BBLHobart HsAdelaide StsLost
2016-01-10--58BBLHobart HsPerth SsLost
2016-01-06-49-112BBLHobart HsMelbourne SsLost
2016-01-04--8BBLHobart HsMelbourne RsLost
2016-01-01-154BBLHobart HsSydney TrWon
2015-12-29-314BBLHobart HsBrisbane HWon
2015-12-22--23BBLHobart HsBrisbane HWon
2015-12-200116BBLHobart HsSydney SsLost
2015-01-15534BBLHobart HsBrisbane HLost
2015-01-11-2-9BBLHobart HsPerth SsLost
2015-01-09--BBLHobart HsSydney TrWon
2015-01-07-7-22BBLHobart HsMelbourne RsLost
2015-01-02--46BBLHobart HsBrisbane HWon

All metrics are calculated on matches from 1st January 2014

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