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Daniel Hughes

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T20L (last)Sydney Ss
BowlingPace Bowler
BattingLefthand Batsman

Match History Chart

Combined Batting and Bowling Innings Ratings Last 3 Years

Recent Innings

DateBat RtgBowl RtgTypeTeamAgainstResult
2019-02-15172-BBLSydney SsMelbourne RsLost
2019-02-1056-BBLSydney SsMelbourne SsLost
2019-02-02203-BBLSydney SsSydney TrWon
2019-01-29138-BBLSydney SsAdelaide StsWon
2019-01-2321-BBLSydney SsHobart HsWon
2019-01-203-BBLSydney SsBrisbane HWon
2019-01-16-34-BBLSydney SsMelbourne RsLost
2019-01-1367-BBLSydney SsPerth SsLost
2019-01-06120-BBLSydney SsAdelaide StsWon
2019-01-04213-BBLSydney SsHobart HsLost
2019-01-011-BBLSydney SsBrisbane HWon
2018-12-29-12-BPLSydney SsMelbourne RsWon
2018-12-2751-BPLSydney SsMelbourne SsLost
2018-12-24-36-BPLSydney SsSydney TrLost
2018-12-22185-BPLSydney SsPerth SsWon
2018-01-23-18-BBLSydney SsMelbourne SsWon
2018-01-189-BBLSydney SsBrisbane HWon
2018-01-16121-BBLSydney SsMelbourne SsWon
2018-01-13183-BBLSydney SsSydney TrWon
2018-01-0826-BBLSydney SsHobart HsLost
2017-12-280-BBLSydney SsAdelaide StsLost
2017-12-2317-BBLSydney SsPerth SsLost
2017-12-1920-BBLSydney SsSydney TrLost
2017-01-28-85-BBLSydney SsPerth SsLost
2017-01-2529-BBLSydney SsBrisbane HNo Winner
2017-01-212-BBLSydney SsMelbourne SsWon
2017-01-14-22-BBLSydney SsSydney TrLost
2017-01-0972-BBLSydney SsMelbourne RsWon
2017-01-03474-BBLSydney SsBrisbane HWon
2016-12-31-116-BBLSydney SsAdelaide StsLost
2016-12-20161-BBLSydney SsSydney TrWon
2015-01-2223-BBLSydney TrSydney SsLost
2015-01-17-86-BBLSydney TrMelbourne SsLost
2015-01-12--BBLSydney TrAdelaide StsNo Winner
2015-01-0935-BBLSydney TrHobart HsLost
2015-01-01--BBLSydney TrPerth SsWon

All metrics are calculated on matches from 1st January 2014

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