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Test Matches 2017 Results

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2017-01-02South AfricaSri LankaSouth Africa won (282 runs)2nd Test
2017-01-03AustraliaPakistanAustralia won (220 runs)3rd Test
2017-01-12South AfricaSri LankaSouth Africa won (innings and 118 runs)3rd Test
2017-01-12New ZealandBangladeshNew Zealand won (7 wks)1st Test
2017-01-20New ZealandBangladeshNew Zealand won (9 wks)2nd Test
2017-02-09IndiaBangladeshIndia won (208 runs)Only Test
2017-02-23IndiaAustraliaAustralia won (333 runs)1st Test
2017-03-04IndiaAustraliaIndia won (75 runs)2nd Test
2017-03-07Sri LankaBangladeshSri Lanka won (259 runs)1st Test
2017-03-08New ZealandSouth AfricaDraw1st Test
2017-03-15Sri LankaBangladeshBangladesh won (4 wks)2nd Test
2017-03-16New ZealandSouth AfricaSouth Africa won (8 wks)2nd Test
2017-03-16IndiaAustraliaDraw3rd Test
2017-03-25New ZealandSouth AfricaDraw3rd Test
2017-03-25IndiaAustraliaIndia won (8 wks)4th Test
2017-04-21West IndiesPakistanPakistan won (7 wks)1st Test
2017-04-30West IndiesPakistanWest Indies won (106 runs)2nd Test
2017-05-10West IndiesPakistanPakistan won (101 runs)3rd Test
2017-07-06EnglandSouth AfricaEngland won (211 runs)1st Test
2017-07-14EnglandSouth AfricaSouth Africa won (340 runs)2nd Test
2017-07-14Sri LankaZimbabweSri Lanka won (4 wks)Only Test
2017-07-26Sri LankaIndiaIndia won (304 runs)1st Test
2017-07-27EnglandSouth AfricaEngland won (239 runs)3rd Test
2017-08-03Sri LankaIndiaIndia won (innings and 53 runs)2nd Test
2017-08-04EnglandSouth AfricaEngland won (177 runs)4th Test
2017-08-12Sri LankaIndiaIndia won (innings and 171 runs)3rd Test
2017-08-17EnglandWest IndiesEngland won (innings and 209 runs)1st Test
2017-08-25EnglandWest IndiesWest Indies won (5 wks)2nd Test
2017-08-27BangladeshAustraliaBangladesh won (20 runs)1st Test
2017-09-04BangladeshAustraliaAustralia won (7 wks)2nd Test
2017-09-07EnglandWest IndiesEngland won (9 wks)3rd Test
2017-09-28South AfricaBangladeshSouth Africa won (333 runs)1st Test
2017-09-28PakistanSri LankaSri Lanka won (21 runs)1st Test
2017-10-06South AfricaBangladeshSouth Africa won (innings and 254 runs)2nd Test
2017-10-06PakistanSri LankaSri Lanka won (68 runs)2nd Test
2017-10-21ZimbabweWest IndiesWest Indies won (117 runs)1st Test
2017-10-29ZimbabweWest IndiesDraw2nd Test
2017-11-16IndiaSri LankaDraw1st Test
2017-11-23AustraliaEnglandAustralia won (10 wks)1st Test
2017-11-24IndiaSri LankaIndia won (innings and 239 runs)2nd Test
2017-12-01New ZealandWest IndiesNew Zealand won (innings and 67 runs)1st Test
2017-12-02AustraliaEnglandAustralia won (120 runs)2nd Test
2017-12-02IndiaSri LankaDraw3rd Test
2017-12-09New ZealandWest IndiesNew Zealand won (240 runs)2nd Test
2017-12-14AustraliaEnglandAustralia won (innings and 41 runs)3rd Test
2017-12-26AustraliaEnglandDraw4th Test
2017-12-26South AfricaZimbabweSouth Africa won (innings and 120 runs)Only Test

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