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Mehedi Maruf

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T20L (last)Rangpur Rs
BowlingSpin Bowler
BattingRighthand Batsman

Match History Chart

Combined Batting and Bowling Innings Ratings Last 3 Years

Recent Innings

DateBat RtgBowl RtgTypeTeamAgainstResult
2019-02-04-19-BPLRangpur RsComilla VictsLost
2019-02-023-BPLRangpur RsComilla VictsWon
2019-01-162-BPLRangpur RsSylhetLost
2019-01-1126-BPLRangpur RsDhaka DysLost
2019-01-083-BPLRangpur RsComilla VictsWon
2019-01-06-12-BPLRangpur RsKhulna TsWon
2019-01-05-34-BPLRangpur RsChittagong VsLost
2017-12-12-11-BPLDhaka DysRangpur RsLost
2017-12-084-BPLDhaka DysComilla VictsWon
2017-12-0677-BPLDhaka DysRangpur RsWon
2017-11-2122-BPLDhaka DysRangpur RsLost
2017-11-20-3-BPLDhaka DysComilla VictsLost
2017-11-04-7-BPLDhaka DysSylhetLost
2017-06-05--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubMohammedan Sporting ClubWon
2017-06-02--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubSheikh Jamal Dhanmondi ClubWon
2017-05-30--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubGazi Group CricketersLost
2017-05-27--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubPrime Doleshwar Sporting ClubLost
2017-05-24--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubAbahani LimitedLost
2017-05-21--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubGazi Group CricketersWon
2017-05-18--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubSheikh Jamal Dhanmondi ClubLost
2017-05-15--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubBrothers UnionWon
2017-05-09--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubPartex Sporting ClubWon
2017-05-05--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubAbahani LimitedLost
2017-05-02--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubPrime Doleshwar Sporting ClubLost
2017-04-29--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubLegends of RupganjWon
2017-04-27--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubVictoria Sporting ClubWon
2017-04-21--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubMohammedan Sporting ClubWon
2017-04-18--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubKhelaghar Samaj Kallyan SamityWon
2017-04-13--LISTAPrime Bank Cricket ClubKalabagan Krira ChakraWon
2016-12-09-44-BPLDhaka DysRajshahi KingsWon
2016-12-06-95-BPLDhaka DysKhulna TsWon
2016-12-040-BPLDhaka DysKhulna TsLost
2016-12-02-101-BPLDhaka DysChittagong VsWon
2016-11-3043-BPLDhaka DysRangpur RsWon
2016-11-27-137-BPLDhaka DysBarisal BullsWon
2016-11-26-14-BPLDhaka DysComilla VictsWon
2016-11-2140-BPLDhaka DysRajshahi KingsLost
2016-11-19-59-BPLDhaka DysKhulna TsLost
2016-11-1739-BPLDhaka DysChittagong VsWon
2016-11-14155-BPLDhaka DysComilla VictsWon
2016-11-12-68-BPLDhaka DysRangpur RsWon
2016-11-1112-BPLDhaka DysRajshahi KingsLost
2016-11-08252-BPLDhaka DysBarisal BullsWon
2015-12-15-79-BPLBarisal BullsComilla VictsLost
2015-12-13--BPLBarisal BullsRangpur RsWon
2015-12-12-58-BPLBarisal BullsDhaka DysWon
2015-12-1043-BPLBarisal BullsDhaka DysWon
2015-12-09-71-BPLBarisal BullsChittagong VsWon
2015-12-07-111-BPLBarisal BullsComilla VictsLost
2015-12-065-BPLBarisal BullsSylhet SSsLost
2015-12-03-167-BPLBarisal BullsRangpur RsWon
2015-12-016-BPLBarisal BullsDhaka DysWon
2015-11-303-BPLBarisal BullsChittagong VsWon

All metrics are calculated on matches from 1st January 2014

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