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Test Matches 2015 Results

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2015-01-02South AfricaWest IndiesSouth Africa won (8 wks)3rd Test
2015-01-03New ZealandSri LankaNew Zealand won (193 runs)2nd Test
2015-01-06AustraliaIndiaDraw4th Test
2015-04-13West IndiesEnglandDraw1st Test
2015-04-21West IndiesEnglandEngland won (9 wks)2nd Test
2015-04-28BangladeshPakistanDraw1st Test
2015-05-01West IndiesEnglandWest Indies won (5 wks)3rd Test
2015-05-06BangladeshPakistanPakistan won (328 runs)2nd Test
2015-05-21EnglandNew ZealandEngland won (124 runs)1st Test
2015-05-29EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand won (199 runs)2nd Test
2015-06-03West IndiesAustraliaAustralia won (9 wks)1st Test
2015-06-10BangladeshIndiaDrawOnly Test
2015-06-11West IndiesAustraliaAustralia won (277 runs)2nd Test
2015-06-17Sri LankaPakistanPakistan won (10 wks)1st Test
2015-06-25Sri LankaPakistanSri Lanka won (7 wks)2nd Test
2015-07-03Sri LankaPakistanPakistan won (7 wks)3rd Test
2015-07-08EnglandAustraliaEngland won (169 runs)1st Test
2015-07-16EnglandAustraliaAustralia won (405 runs)2nd Test
2015-07-21BangladeshSouth AfricaDraw1st Test
2015-07-29EnglandAustraliaEngland won (8 wks)3rd Test
2015-07-30BangladeshSouth AfricaDraw2nd Test
2015-08-06EnglandAustraliaEngland won (innings and 78 runs)4th Test
2015-08-12Sri LankaIndiaSri Lanka won (63 runs)1st Test
2015-08-20EnglandAustraliaAustralia won (innings and 46 runs)5th Test
2015-08-20Sri LankaIndiaIndia won (278 runs)2nd Test
2015-08-28Sri LankaIndiaIndia won (117 runs)3rd Test
2015-10-13EnglandPakistanDraw1st Test
2015-10-14Sri LankaWest IndiesSri Lanka won (innings and 6 runs)1st Test
2015-10-22EnglandPakistanPakistan won (178 runs)2nd Test
2015-10-22Sri LankaWest IndiesSri Lanka won (72 runs)2nd Test
2015-11-01EnglandPakistanPakistan won (127 runs)3rd Test
2015-11-05AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia won (208 runs)1st Test
2015-11-05IndiaSouth AfricaIndia won (108 runs)1st Test
2015-11-13AustraliaNew ZealandDraw2nd Test
2015-11-14IndiaSouth AfricaDraw2nd Test
2015-11-25IndiaSouth AfricaIndia won (124 runs)3rd Test
2015-11-27AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia won (3 wks)3rd Test
2015-12-03IndiaSouth AfricaIndia won (337 runs)4th Test
2015-12-10AustraliaWest IndiesAustralia won (innings and 212 runs)1st Test
2015-12-10New ZealandSri LankaNew Zealand won (122 runs)1st Test
2015-12-18New ZealandSri LankaNew Zealand won (5 wks)2nd Test
2015-12-26South AfricaEnglandEngland won (241 runs)1st Test
2015-12-26AustraliaWest IndiesAustralia won (177 runs)2nd Test

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