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Test Matches 2016 Results

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2016-01-02South AfricaEnglandDraw2nd Test
2016-01-03AustraliaWest IndiesDraw3rd Test
2016-01-14South AfricaEnglandEngland won (7 wks)3rd Test
2016-01-22South AfricaEnglandSouth Africa won (280 runs)4th Test
2016-02-12New ZealandAustraliaAustralia won (innings and 52 runs)1st Test
2016-02-20New ZealandAustraliaAustralia won (7 wks)2nd Test
2016-05-19EnglandSri LankaEngland won (innings and 88 runs)1st Test
2016-05-27EnglandSri LankaEngland won (9 wks)2nd Test
2016-06-09EnglandSri LankaDraw3rd Test
2016-07-14EnglandPakistanPakistan won (75 runs)1st Test
2016-07-21West IndiesIndiaIndia won (innings and 92 runs)1st Test
2016-07-22EnglandPakistanEngland won (330 runs)2nd Test
2016-07-26Sri LankaAustraliaSri Lanka won (106 runs)1st Test
2016-07-28ZimbabweNew ZealandNew Zealand won (innings and 117 runs)1st Test
2016-07-30West IndiesIndiaDraw2nd Test
2016-08-03EnglandPakistanEngland won (141 runs)3rd Test
2016-08-04Sri LankaAustraliaSri Lanka won (229 runs)2nd Test
2016-08-06ZimbabweNew ZealandNew Zealand won (254 runs)2nd Test
2016-08-09West IndiesIndiaIndia won (237 runs)3rd Test
2016-08-11EnglandPakistanPakistan won (10 wks)4th Test
2016-08-13Sri LankaAustraliaSri Lanka won (163 runs)3rd Test
2016-08-18West IndiesIndiaDraw4th Test
2016-08-19South AfricaNew ZealandDraw1st Test
2016-08-27South AfricaNew ZealandSouth Africa won (204 runs)2nd Test
2016-09-22IndiaNew ZealandIndia won (197 runs)1st Test
2016-09-30IndiaNew ZealandIndia won (178 runs)2nd Test
2016-10-08IndiaNew ZealandIndia won (321 runs)3rd Test
2016-10-13PakistanWest IndiesPakistan won (56 runs)1st Test
2016-10-20BangladeshEnglandEngland won (22 runs)1st Test
2016-10-21PakistanWest IndiesPakistan won (133 runs)2nd Test
2016-10-28BangladeshEnglandBangladesh won (108 runs)2nd Test
2016-10-29ZimbabweSri LankaSri Lanka won (225 runs)1st Test
2016-10-30PakistanWest IndiesWest Indies won (5 wks)3rd Test
2016-11-03AustraliaSouth AfricaSouth Africa won (177 runs)1st Test
2016-11-06ZimbabweSri LankaSri Lanka won (257 runs)2nd Test
2016-11-09IndiaEnglandDraw1st Test
2016-11-12AustraliaSouth AfricaSouth Africa won (innings and 80 runs)2nd Test
2016-11-17New ZealandPakistanNew Zealand won (8 wks)1st Test
2016-11-17IndiaEnglandIndia won (246 runs)2nd Test
2016-11-24AustraliaSouth AfricaAustralia won (7 wks)3rd Test
2016-11-25New ZealandPakistanNew Zealand won (138 runs)2nd Test
2016-11-26IndiaEnglandIndia won (8 wks)3rd Test
2016-12-08IndiaEnglandIndia won (innings and 36 runs)4th Test
2016-12-15AustraliaPakistanAustralia won (39 runs)1st Test
2016-12-16IndiaEnglandIndia won (innings and 75 runs)5th Test
2016-12-26South AfricaSri LankaSouth Africa won (206 runs)1st Test
2016-12-26AustraliaPakistanAustralia won (innings and 18 runs)2nd Test

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