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Test Matches 2018 Results

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2018-01-04AustraliaEnglandAustralia won (innings and 123 runs)5th Test
2018-01-05South AfricaIndiaSouth Africa won (72 runs)1st Test
2018-01-13South AfricaIndiaSouth Africa won (135 runs)2nd Test
2018-01-24South AfricaIndiaIndia won (63 runs)3rd Test
2018-01-31BangladeshSri LankaDraw1st Test
2018-02-08BangladeshSri LankaSri Lanka won (215 runs)2nd Test
2018-03-01South AfricaAustraliaAustralia won (118 runs)1st Test
2018-03-09South AfricaAustraliaSouth Africa won (6 wks)2nd Test
2018-03-22South AfricaAustraliaSouth Africa won (322 runs)3rd Test
2018-03-22New ZealandEnglandNew Zealand won (innings and 49 runs)1st Test
2018-03-30South AfricaAustraliaSouth Africa won (492 runs)4th Test
2018-03-30New ZealandEnglandDraw2nd Test
2018-05-11IrelandPakistanPakistan won (5 wks)Only Test
2018-05-24EnglandPakistanPakistan won (9 wks)1st Test
2018-06-01EnglandPakistanEngland won (innings and 55 runs)2nd Test
2018-06-06West IndiesSri LankaWest Indies won (226 runs)1st Test
2018-06-14IndiaAfghanistanIndia won (innings and 262 runs)Only Test
2018-06-14West IndiesSri LankaDraw2nd Test
2018-06-23West IndiesSri LankaSri Lanka won (4 wks)3rd Test
2018-07-04West IndiesBangladeshWest Indies won (innings and 219 runs)1st Test
2018-07-12Sri LankaSouth AfricaSri Lanka won (278 runs)1st Test
2018-07-12West IndiesBangladeshWest Indies won (166 runs)2nd Test
2018-07-20Sri LankaSouth AfricaSri Lanka won (199 runs)2nd Test
2018-08-01EnglandIndiaEngland won (31 runs)1st Test
2018-08-09EnglandIndiaEngland won (innings and 159 runs)2nd Test
2018-08-18EnglandIndiaIndia won (203 runs)3rd Test
2018-08-30EnglandIndiaEngland won (60 runs)4th Test
2018-09-07EnglandIndiaEngland won (118 runs)5th Test
2018-10-04IndiaWest IndiesIndia won (innings and 272 runs)1st Test
2018-10-07AustraliaPakistanDraw1st Test
2018-10-12IndiaWest IndiesIndia won (10 wks)2nd Test
2018-10-16AustraliaPakistanPakistan won (373 runs)2nd Test
2018-11-03BangladeshZimbabweZimbabwe won (151 runs)1st Test
2018-11-06Sri LankaEnglandEngland won (211 runs)1st Test
2018-11-11BangladeshZimbabweBangladesh won (218 runs)2nd Test
2018-11-14Sri LankaEnglandEngland won (57 runs)2nd Test
2018-11-16New ZealandPakistanNew Zealand won (4 runs)1st Test
2018-11-22BangladeshWest IndiesBangladesh won (64 runs)1st Test
2018-11-23Sri LankaEnglandEngland won (42 runs)3rd Test
2018-11-24New ZealandPakistanPakistan won (innings and 16 runs)2nd Test
2018-11-30BangladeshWest IndiesBangladesh won (innings and 184 runs)2nd Test
2018-12-03New ZealandPakistanNew Zealand won (123 runs)3rd Test
2018-12-06AustraliaIndiaIndia won (31 runs)1st Test
2018-12-14AustraliaIndiaAustralia won (146 runs)2nd Test
2018-12-15New ZealandSri LankaDraw1st Test
2018-12-26South AfricaPakistanSouth Africa won (6 wks)1st Test
2018-12-26AustraliaIndiaIndia won (137 runs)3rd Test
2018-12-26New ZealandSri LankaNew Zealand won (423 runs)2nd Test

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